Playing Roles: Woman Pretends to be Drunk in Public to See How Men React

There has recently been a trend in videos of people playing out roles in public. A woman videoed herself walking around New York City and got cat called over 100 times wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. The video got thousands of views and brought out many opinions. This video is a more extreme version, but portrays similar ideals. This woman pretends to be drunk on Hollywood Boulevard and asks for directions. Four out of five of the men try to get her to go back to their place. Note that it is broad daylight and these men have no problem publicly trying to convince her to come with them. Likewise, as soon as she says, “Actually I’m feeling better,” and walks away they just stand there confused. They don’t attempt to chase after her. They were taking advantage of an “easy” situation where they would have the upper hand. Granted this video is a generalization, portraying men as criminal and women as victims, but it does highlight some important issues that are within our society. What would you have done (if anything) if you had seen this girl on the street? Do you think the role she is playing in the experiment is effective in proving her point?

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